ORKSUN JF201 Smart Circle Wireless Mountable LED Light (Ceiling) (They should’ve put “garbage” in parenthesis too)

Orksun Motion Light

Would work better as an air hockey puck

This is a piece of junk. I bought this light because I needed a light for my shower and this was one of the few waterproof lights I could find. And I mean, there are practically ZERO, so when this came up in the recommended items I thought it was a Godsend.

It wasn’t.

The light worked fine for a whole week. Then it started to dim a little, but I didn’t mind. The real problem started a couple of days later, when the motion sensor stopped working. There was no way to turn it off except to remove the batteries. So I thought, “Well, I’ll just keep it on then”. Nope. The inside of the light became foggy, like condensation was stuck in it. It was dimmer than a free pocket flashlight, so I thought I’d open it up and clean it out, see if that fixes it.

Turns out that can’t be done either. Instead of using practical screws, say, phillips, or flat-head, this light has small screws with a TRIANGLE. Triangle-head? I’d never even heard of it. Apparently the guy at Ace Hardware hadn’t either. What are they trying to hide, keeping this locked up as tight as an Iphone 7? I ended up frisbeeing it straight to the garbage.

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