Short story: One-Lining

1:   Your meter’s run out, Sammy… or should I say, The Phoenix?!

2:    I may burn, but I’ll have your ashes.

1:    My ashes belong to the dragon that slays me.

2:    If his skin is as think as yours, the fight will never end.

1:    Aren’t phoenixes the ones that are supposed to last forever?

2:    We can’t be contained; we’ll always be born again.

1:    Yet I caught you like a penny in a Hoover;  even you had to give.

2:    Though I was born of fire, like water, I can be contained but never held.

1:    Then I’ll put a cap on your bottle.

2:    My bottle’s glass; one false move and your luck’s broken for good.

1:    If you try to escape, the attempt will be in shards.

2:    Just one is fatal in the right hands.

1:    Then I’ll be sure only your left functions.

2:    That’s all I need and you’ll be left for good.

1:    Better than being left for dead.

2:    And just like that, I’m gone like a shared appetizer.

1:    You’re sleight of hand is the lovechild of David Blaine and Criss Angel!

2:    And like the angel, I belong on a higher plane; until next time, detective!

1:    Make note Phoenix; you may always be reborn, but one day I’ll seal you for good.

2:    Until you find your Nemo, you’ll never have me.

1:    You’d better have eyes in the back of your head; I’ll always be right behind.

2:    And that’s why you’ll always lose; I only look forward, and I’m already ahead.

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