Zeroll 1020 Original Ice Cream Scoop

There’s differences between ice cream scoops? Yes. Yes there is. This is an older review, and apparently, more Star Wars. We watched a lot of that in our family.

Go here and get one!

This was one expensive ice cream scoop. And worth every cent.

Recently, I’ve taken up eating a lot more ice cream once I learned there was a low-sugar variety. Most of it tastes fine too. But after the spring in our last scoop stuck, getting the dessert out became difficult. Not to mention using the basicest of basic scoops, one that held fast to my ice cream like double-stick flypaper.

Since I don’t care to actually go out to the store and talk to people, I checked here first. An ice cream scoop nearly $15? What, is it made of platinum or something? Then I realized the truth: THIS IS WHAT THE ICE CREAM SHOPS USE. The ones where they get it out effortlessly. All this time, I thought they had a magic freezer or better ice cream; how else could they extract it with such a simple scoop?

It’s deceptive. The handle is full of freon or something that heats up when you touch it, making the scooper hot and it goes through the ice cream pretty easy. Not like a lightsaber to Darth Maul, more like, James Norrington where it still sticks in for a bit, but still pretty easy. Better than bending an aluminum spoon that wouldn’t give you more than a bite anyway.

If you like ice cream, buy this. If you don’t, buy it to make people think you’re Criss Angel.

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