Blessings and Curses: Level 4 Problems

Have you ever had something break–a computer, a car, something important–and try to see if you can fix it yourself before letting someone make bank off your misfortune? I always try to do that. And a lot of times, there’s a quick fix for my problem, something easy to make it all better, no doctor required. The problem, fixed in minutes.

For everyone but me.

Luckily, I’ve gotten used to my misfortune. I expect it to happen now. And getting through that last stage of grief hasn’t helped me any; it happens the same amount even though I’ve accepted it. At least I know it will happen now, so on the fateful day where I can tighten a bolt or turn it off and on again, I can be eternally grateful. But even though the symptoms are the same for me as a lot of people who get the quick fix, the solution never is.

Bad Luck.png

The refurbished parachute works just like new!

I had one (of many) computers go down once that would randomly shut itself off. And each time it took less time. There were a lot of ways to fix it, but every time they appeared to work, the computer gave me the big H key (It’s in the middle, aha, ha) and shut off as soon as I decided it worked. Thanks, technology.

And cars. Oh cars, how I hate them. And yet… They’re necessary. I went through more than a car a year my first five years of marriage, each one of them breaking down with problems that would cost more to fix than buying a new (Er, a used for sale by owner) one. Once the engine seized, all the oil completely drained. I checked it the day before. Another, it would shut off on idle, but all the fixes were short term. That sort of thing, but at least they give me a couple bucks worth of scrap metal.


My parking spot

People still don’t believe me, and I warn them ahead of time. But hey, we all have curses. I’m just hoping someone else shares this one. It’s such a pain. Am I alone, are there others like me?

ET Phone Home

Phone Home, Cursed Ones.

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