Follow the Cheddar Brick Road: Things to Buy

There’s an inconvenient truth to a lifestyle change. Something that can almost never be avoided. It costs something.


Yep, just like Jenny Craig or a Chuck Norris gym, it takes money to spend money. My eat the good stuff way of living works well, but there’s still an initial cost to swallow to do it right. Fortunately, a lot of the things on this list are investments and will actually SAVE money in the long run. Save money by eating healthy, good-tasting food? Please, tell me more.

Chuck Norris Gym

Superhero not included

All right, so tools. I’ll be doing another post soon about the new food groups, but first, the equipment, the home improvement of healthy eating. There’s three things I recommend getting as soon as the funds clear:


  1. Vitamix

The Ultimate

Easily the most versatile kitchen appliance I’ve ever had. And it’s expensive. But rightfully so. I know it was on sale for $330 last time I was at Costco, but I went full super saiyan (SSJ 1 at least) and got the $450 model ($100 more from the source) a couple of years back. So what’s the difference? They’re pretty similar–same power, same ridiculous 10 year warranty (and *someone* has broken the little on off switch twice, and they pick it up and get it back in less than a week), and the cheaper one’s even shorter so it fits under the cabinents–all except for the pre-programmed settings. The settings are amazing. I use them more than I do the numbers, that’s for sure. Smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts, all mixed perfectly just by turning it on and walking away. Worth it.

That describes the whole blender, actually. Worth it. The people at Vitamix give a ridiculous list of things it can supposedly do, and a lot of them work well. You haven’t lived until you stick a jar of macadamia nuts in this and make macadamia nut butter. It does soups, desserts, smoothies, kneads dough, makes almond milk, and a lot more. I think it said something about grinding meat, but yeah. Pass on that one and instead, get…

2. Meat Grinder

Meat Grinder

Beef Supreme

What’s better than getting the 93% lean ground beef from the store for burgers? Grinding a steak. Yeah. I use the Sunmile SM-G33 electric meat grinder, because I don’t want to slowly turn a crank all day. I recommend getting one with a reverse button like this, so you don’t accidentally get something stuck and end up with ground fingers.

Pretty much any meat can be transformed into a burger. So far, I’ve tried sockeye salmon, large shrimps, chicken breast, pork loin, and a bunch of different kinds of steak. Mostly, I turn them into burgers after, but I guess some people use ground meat for spaghetti? Sure, go ahead.

3. A nice grill


WAY too small burgers

This is by no means necessary, but it sure compliments the meat grinder. I use the Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler, it works good until the nonstick wears off (surprisngly fast, the one flaw) And if you’re a vegetarian, grilled corn is divine.

4. Eat the food!


Gosh, Tina.

Getting these tools is a good way to start, and combined with the recipes I’ll continue adding, a fantastic way to eat better, not less. A burger a week for a great physique!

3 thoughts on “Follow the Cheddar Brick Road: Things to Buy

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