The Two-Tiered Train Trip Tautogram

The Two-Tiered Train Trip Tautogram

Timmy traveled through the train’s Trough. The train’s Trough took these troubled travelers to their terminus.

Tommy traveled through the train’s Top Tier. The train’s Top Tier took these tony travelers to their terminus.



Timmy thought the train trip traversed terribly. Terrible, terrible, terribly trite! Timmy thought. Timmy thought that the train’s tycoon treated these trembling travelers trimly.

Tommy thought the train trip traversed terrifically. Terrific, terrific, terrifically tip-top! Tommy thought. Tommy thought that the train’s tycoon treated these trusting travelers thrillingly.



Timmy theorized that the train typecast these travelers to tawdry trash. Therefore, Timmy tiptoed to the train’s tour.

Tommy thought the train truly talked turkey to these teeming travelers. Therefore, Tommy turgidly tread to the train’s tour.



Timmy tread towards Tommy.

Tommy tread towards Timmy.



“That trip trumped.” Timmy teased, then turned troubled. “This train tantalizingly torments these travelers tirelessly.”

“Truly?” Tommy tangled, thinking that the train trip’s tone tended towards tastefulness.

“Truly.” Timmy tranquilly told Tommy. “This train toughly taxes the Trough.”



Thunderstruck, Tommy told Timmy that the train tycoon treated the Top Tier travelers thrillingly.

“Time to trade tickets?” Timmy tipped.

The two traded tickets through transaction. Then the two traveled to their temporary territory.



Timmy tentatively tread to the train’s Top Tier. Then Timmy tested Tommy’s testimony. The train tycoon treasured these Top Tier travelers. The tidy territory truly thrilled Timmy.

Tommy trendily trotted to the Trough. Then Timmy’s testimony took to truth. The train tycoon treated the Trough travelers terribly.  The tattered territory troubled Tommy.



“The Top Tier’s truly terrific!” Timmy trenchantly trilled. Timmy timely Tweeted this triumph.

“These travelers’ torment triumphs the Top Tier’s trappings. The train tycoon tolerates this?”

“Truly.” Timmy told Tommy.

“Then the time to trap the train tycoon thereon transpires!” Tommy threw the towel.



The two traveled to the train’s top tract to threaten the train tycoon’s trade. The train tycoon toasted the two, “Trevor Tillman, Train Tycoon.” Trevor told them.



The two told the tycoon that the Trough travelers tolerate terrifying things.

“That’s troubling.” Trevor tersely told them. “This topic’s touchy; the Trough’s too totaled to troubleshoot.” Then Trevor testified, “Though Timmy’s troubles terminate today.” Trevor touted train tickets. “This ticket’s twenty thousand tickets; Timmy, travel through the train’s Top Tier through time’s terminus.” Trevor told Timmy.



Timmy took the ticket that’s twenty thousand tickets. “This ticket… Thenceforth, the traumatized Trough travelers turn to the Top Tier!”

“These two tricked the train tycoon!” Tommy tittered, thumbs taunting.

Trevor the train tycoon teemed tumultuously. “Trite termites…Today Trevor throttles the two terrorists!”  Trevor Tillman tore towards the two the two travelers.



Timmy tapped Tommy.

Tommy tapped Timmy.

The two tilted towards the thoroughfare; Trevor tripped thanks to that, traversing the train’s top, then tumbled to the train tracks. The thundering train tore Trevor to threads, translucently terminating the tycoon’s tyranny.



“That turns the trick.” Timmy twitched.

“That’s true.” Tommy tallied. The two teamed together.



The two traveled to the train’s Trough. Touting the ticket that’s twenty thousand tickets, the two told the Trough travelers, “This ticket’s twenty thousand tickets. Therefore, the trips thereafter… Top Tier traveling to totality!”

The Trough travelers toasted the two, thrilled to travel Top Tier thereafter. Their takeoff tremendous, the Trough travelers tread to the Top Tier, traveling thrillingly therein.



Thenceforth, the train’s Trough terminated. The Trough transformed twofold; the two tiers turned tantamount. The travelers thought these train trips traversed terrifically.  “Terrific, terrific, terrifically tip-top!” The two trendsetting travelers teased, treasuring their treks.


The Terminus

“The Two-Tiered Train Trip Tautogram” is a project I wanted to do for a long time. In college, I finally made it happen. My goal was to make a thousand word story all starting with one letter. On top of that, I wanted it to make sense and be a story someone of an average or slightly above-average reading level could understand. It worked, just, it was really long, especially when I read it out loud to the class.

Today I shortened it to take out the repetitiveness and anything that didn’t need to be there. I think it’s a lot easier to understand this way, you know, so someone might actually read to the end now. And I wanted to make it even easier to understand. Achievement Unlocked!

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