Product Review: Tidy Cats 4 in 1 Litter

Originally posted on Amazon (Even though I bought the Costco MEGA size):

This litter started out amazing. For awhile I thought, “Oh wow, now THIS is the shiz-nit” because the clumping power is stronger than expired milk in Phoenix.

And that’s where the good ends. Out of the “4-in-1” 1 actually worked as advertised. That’s because 3 out of the 4 talk about it’s amazing performance at zapping away odors like an alien incinerator ray.

It doesn’t.

See, I have this unusual problem of having hardly any sense of smell. So unless something reeks like rotten eggs in a sewage backup, I’m completely oblivious. As usual, this meant my better half spotted the odor first. And as usual, I went, “Meh, at least they’re using it.” Until they didn’t.

One of our furballs prides himself on being a model. He limits his own food, loves to groom himself, and oh, is insistent that is box be clean. If it’s not, he runs around the house in horror, mewing bloody murder, and Siamese can be loud. Anyway, I figured this was Mr. Priss being stingy, so cleaned it out again. What did I find? SMELLS. How could this be?

It was pretty bad. Mr. Sensitive didn’t want smells in his box, so I cleaned it out. I thought maybe it was a fluke, because the clumping was so good, I could use the whole thing of litter before having to completely empty the box. So I tried again. About a week later, same things. Nothing in the box, but smells. And if it’s stinks to high heaven the Aristocat won’t use it, and would rather sit right in front of the box on the litter mat and do his business there.

But if you still don’t believe me, I didn’t get this specific size; I went one bigger and got it at Costco. 42 lbs I think. Two months after it’s released, Costco’s already dropping it, while the competitor they’ve had for years and years. I think I understand. If ME, with 10% sniffing power, can smell a box that’s clean in a catbox that has a deodorizing filter AND powdered deodorizer on it, then it must be at Apocalyptic levels for you normal folk.

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