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I got a writing job!

So it’s been a bit since I’ve been here. But for good reason. After devoting every free (and the rest of them too) moment of my time to writing, editing, and revising One Last Day, once it was finally complete there was a void. Of course, I’ve started working on a draft, but draft work isn’t nearly as intense.

Plus it’s time to get a house.

I did pretty good in school. And I have a degree, so figured I’d see if I can use it for something. Anyway, I weeded through some of those obviously fake jobs for a bit until I came across one that seemed legit. It paid a fair amount and didn’t need 56 years experience as a Dictator of a foreign Universe.

So now I’m a content writer, and I help make people get found on Google. It’s a good use of my skills and probably more useful than proofreading corporate pizza manuals.  Because I’m working full time and have to keep up on my own projects, I’ll probably be doing these posts once a week now. On Saturdays. (Or FAKE Saturdays since I can make them post whenever I want) But tomorrow is Christmas Eve, so, yeah. Next week. Plus the hinge on my metal keyboard laptop snapped off so I can’t open or close it, so it’s off to Repairland. For free thankfully. Buy them at Costco. Seriously.

No, I haven’t given up on being an author and I’m still going to write books. Always will. Hopefully it’ll work out eventually, and either way, I’ll be getting in a lot of practice. Because now I write for work. And then when I get home. Sometimes when I travel.


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