Tom Loves to Ride

Tom and ________: A Ride to the Park

It was a pleasantly warm day. Sunny, but not hot. Tom loved these kinds of days the most, the kind of day that was too nice to stay indoors.

In fact, it was such a nice day that Tom thought he’d take a stroll to the park. The park! There were swing sets and slides and picnic tables and all kinds of fun. Tom had just made up his mind when he remembered what a drag it was to walk all the way to the park. If only he had a way to get there faster…

But his tricycle was broken. Those vicious monsters broke it when Tom rode away from them last time. “You leave when we say so.” They’d told him, throwing down the broken pieces. Tom sighed. It seemed he was out of luck. Then he remembered.

“My new friends!” He called out. “Now where are they?”

As if answering his call, his friends were already waiting to help!

Tom Loves to Ride


Tom could ride after all! His friends didn’t mind walking; Tom thought maybe he’d offer to let them ride on the way back.

Even though he didn’t have to walk, the ride to the park felt like slow going. Tom had trouble getting his trike to move fast and more than once he had to pick it up to get it going again.

But he didn’t care. He was outside on a beautiful day with his two best friends, and they were going to spend it enjoying themselves on the park. So far, it was a good day.

So far…

Tricycle Friends

“Thanks for the lift, guys!”


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