How can one man know so much? People ask me this question about Nikola Tesla all the time. Really, I don’t know.


Being cool in Grandma’s basement

As for who I am, I’m one of those lucky ducks that decided early on what I would do in my life. After giving into peer pressure in 2nd grade and going with my friends and deciding we would all be on the Portland Trailblazers by the time we got to middle school, I broke off the next year and went my own way. Somehow, I managed to write a 25 page story trying to tell the life story of Luigi in chronological order, since little brothers get  player 2. My one, and only, fan fiction. It still stings admitting that.

Anywhen, when Teach found out that there was a student in there that could write coherent stories longer than half a page, I got way more attention than I wanted. They tried to fast-track me through school, enter me in contests, so on. I did the school writing ones, and after winning three times straight, the school put in a new policy: Only two wins per student.

Triple First Place

Triple First Place

I haven’t stopped since, finished my first 100,000+ book by my 16h birthday. But a novelist is a hard career to break into, and even when I went into college for a backup plan of public speaking and digital presentations, I couldn’t stay away, and switched back to creative writing where I graduated Summa Cum Laude. (Ironically, my one B was in an Intro Reading class)

Even with my dedication, it’s been an uphill battle. I’m still holding out for traditional publishing and my most recent work, One Last Day, was a finalist in the 2016 literary contest, so I’m getting close. But it’s okay. I’m married now and help manage an Adult Family Home, the same place where the book takes place. And no, it’s the other way around; we took this job because the book is set there and needed something.

D. Thomas Joe

My original signature that went on all my high school assignments.Really.

No matter what happens, there’s a saying I came up with for these tough times: Do what you must until you can do what you love, do what you love until you no longer must, then just do what you can.

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