One Last Day

One Last Day is the manuscript I have actively been working on full-time for the last 5 years. It is literary fiction told through the eyes of Resident Manager Alex Carmichael, a Scottish immigrant who has been stuck at the job his whole life. As for what it’s about:

Resident Manager Alex Carmichael often thought his senior home was behind the times. But he never thought it was literally a day behind the rest of the world.

It made sense; a rotten apple became crisp and fresh, a woman sprang back to life after half an hour of failed CPR, and the digital calendars show yesterday’s date. Alex eventually discovers the phenomenon can even bring people back to life, but it comes with a catch—they can’t leave the building, and they only live for a single day.  

Using this power to give people at the local hospital an extra day to say goodbye to loved ones, Alex vows to keep it secret from the world, knowing it will be reserved for the rich and powerful if discovered. Just as he begins to wonder if the stress is worth it, Alex realizes how much of an impact one day can have on a person’s life. He understands this more than anyone.  

Because today is his last day. 


This page is devoted to One Last Day and the progress made towards publication.