Photoshop Projects

Photoshop Images

While my main job has always been writing, I’ve always been fascinated by Photoshop. But it wasn’t until I started learning the tricks of the CS6 did I really understand how much you could do with the program. I found out you can even cut someone out of a picture and still make it look whole if you’ve got the right skills.

Which I don’t… Yet. Still, I can’t trust anything online as untampered with anymore!

My first infographic

Phoenix Lives

The city’s alive!

Serp’s up!

It used to say “Surf Beach”, now it’s all about the search engines.

The Original Tow Truck

Long before the boom lift…

The other dudes won’t keep up with the times

Professor SEO

His students still have much to learn.

SEO Teacher

Looks easy; except I also made the circles, put in the font, and made all the words too.

Great Maps Listing!

Take a closer look at those business names.


Google Maps Mockup

Clearly, you’re superior to your rival.


Your House and the 7 Thieves

Sneaky, Weaky, Creaky, Geeky,Creepy Cheeky, and Duane

House of Thieves jpg

Lots of perspective changes and illusions!