Writing Portfolio

As a content writer for a marketing agency, I’ve written literally over 1000 web pages for small businesses. The goal was to write content that would rank highly in search engines while also appealing to anyone that might browse the site. I wrote for dozens of industries, with several clients being in the service industry such as plumbers and tow truck companies that go out to the customer.

I also wrote for some professional businesses where word choice was crucial for legal reasons, such dentists, doctors, and lawyers. Many of these companies were local in Washington or Northern Oregon, but I also wrote for several clients in Phoenix and a few from other parts of the country as well.

I had a few clients who I worked with from the beginning. For the following sites, practically everything besides the headers and footers were written by me:

Guy’s Towing Service

Based in Lousiana, Guy’s Towing Service is the largest towing company in the state and has always had high ratings on review sites across the board. Because of their size, I focused on how they had several locations with a fast response time, and also on special services that set them apart, such as free rides home for drivers and their vehicles after holiday parties to keep the roads safe.

For them, I wrote all of the content including the blogs and also created the homepage layout and structure.

Moving Forward Restoration

Breaking off from a larger franchise, Moving Forward Restoration is a wife and husband team that wanted to focus on customer service and green cleaning. For them, pages would be centered around their modern, state-of-the-art restoration equipment and why it’s important to have an expert come by after a catastrophic event and how it can save time, money, and stress levels.

My best work was on the informative blogs that went into detail about cleaning methods and what to expect after a fire or flood.

Steele Electric

I’ll admit that I knew very little about electrical contractors before I wrote for Steele Electric. Because of this, I had to do an extensive amount of research so that the company would sound knowledgeable and wouldn’t be misrepresented.

I created their slogan and wrote the content, along with making the page layout elements for all pages except for the homepage.

Ridgeline Roofing

When owner Trent Uskoski started Ridgeline Roofing, he wanted to emphasize customer service and quality work above all else. For his site, I accentuated how his company has unmatched warranties and makes sure customers are satisfied with their work.

As of this writing, Ridgeline Roofing has a flawless five-star rating on every review site (there are multiple companies called Ridgeline Roofing, this one headquartered in La Center, WA), something I wrote about frequently.

Metro Lock & Safe Inc. Blog

My personal favorite piece of writing I’ve done as a content writer was this blog post for Metro Lock & Safe Inc, a prominent locksmith in Phoenix. It was about the different kind of thieves and how a locksmith can help protect a client’s home from any of them.

Along with the written content, I also made all of the pictures in Photoshop.

Note: Since I published the blog, the Metro Lock & Safe site was updated with new fonts, which is why the pictures don’t align properly, but I have since left the company and no longer have administrative access to the page. 


Andtibully was my senior project in college and took all of the writing and software skills I’d learned over the years culminated into a single project. Even though it’s clearly a work of fiction, at the time of publication, the Facts page may have been the most up-to-date page on the internet that used verified statistics from reliable sources such as academic journals.

While other group members created the html code and filmed the videos, I wrote all of the onsite content, created the video scrips, helped with video editing and social media, and created the backstory.