Things that shouldn’t exist: Bathroom doors that unlock on turn

So I was at the grocery store and found a legendary discovery unbeknownst to the human race: Two public restroom areas in one building! I crap you not (Actually, I did go) .

Happy Face.png

Portrait of me finding TWO bathrooms

Of course it was too good to be true.

See, while the front of the store has the standard push-open door with multiple stalls and a garbage can to toss the paper towel handle-grabber on the way out, this one was individual. Personal. Not so bad at first sight. In fact, I was overjoyed, the ultimate security to play Angry Birds or read a couple chapters or write this post… When my joy decapitated.

No way to check the lock.

Happy DEAD

Me, after the discovery

This, this was one of those bathrooms that “locks”, but there’s no make sure it’s actually locked. When you turn the handle, it unlocks itself automatically, apparently a convenience to some sort of sadistic, helpless people I’ve yet to meet. Is it locked? How can I possibly know? It’s not like my fears are unfounded; thrice in my adult life I’ve been the unfortunate victim, that pooper-opener caught with my pants down when someone innocently thinks the room in unoccupied. And twice it was women doing the opening. Why do these exist? Who made them in the first place?

Two-Way Mirror

Inventor of the uncheckable bathroom “lock”

The correct answer is: there’s no good reason. Nothing else is acceptable. “But kids can get locked in!” Is there really a pandemic of kids able to turn a lock one way but not another? Didn’t think so. There can be no justification. Quite simply, this is one thing that never should have existed.