Things that Shouldn’t Exist: Assigned Movie Theater Seating

So as a member of the Portland-metro area, I’m a regular at Cinetopia, and agree with their motto; Why would I see a movie in coach? There’s a little more leg room in the seats at Cinetopia than their competitor down the road, plus they can lean back about a half a foot or so, making them less stiff than, like they say, coach.

New Airline Seats

New airline seats in development. Yay.

But the kicker is that the original Cinetopia has Tightwad Tuesdays, a glorious event that happens every week where first-run movies cost only $5 per person in a theater that’s quite a bit above average. Sure, that means it’s a good idea to go a little earlier than normal since it’s half off, but the seats are comfy so that’s not a big deal.

Everything was good.

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