What is Andtibully?

Andtibully is the biggest and last project I did in college. And it’s big.  I was obsessed, did all the rest of my classes over Spring Break so I could focus entirely on that for the rest of the time.

See, Andtibully combined two of my greatest strengths: story-telling, and presentation. We were able to come up with our own topic, and decided on “Using Fiction to Promote Change”. That’s the point of stories, isn’t it? To make a difference for somebody? Needless to say, when a group member made the offhand comment that we should do anti-bullying but with aliens, I jumped right on that.


Andtibully sign

In this fictional world set in the near future, an alien race known as the Nitrous have been on Earth for awhile, but still face discrimination. Our organization, AND (Anti Nitrous Discrimination) is the most open and active at ending this discrimination. For more information or to see the live site, check out the project’s About page or andtibully.org

Stand up, lend a hand, AND save a life.